Mental Health

The most important topic of this whole section is mental health. Mental health, along with physical health, is the foundation that everything else in your life is built upon. Without keeping up your mental health, you cannot properly do any of the things described above.

Unfortunately, it is very common for people in the music industry to be mentally unhealthy. Songs have been created based on broken hearts, drug addiction, abuse, and other things that hurt your mental health. Sadly, these things seem to be idolized by the audience, but the truth is that apart from a few good songs, it doesn’t bring any benefits; only drawbacks. So hopefully, you understand that mental health should be treated as a first priority.

We don’t have to go very deep into mental health theory to know what its effects are. You have probably experienced the good side, where you were happy, motivated, focused, or relaxed. This probably had good effects on your next few days. Similarly, you have probably at some point felt anxious, depressed, or angry, which was not beneficial for your day. Everybody goes through these things, and it’s impossible to constantly feel good. So even though there will always be some bad days, there are things you can do to keep your mind healthy.

A disclaimer: This advice is only applicable if you have an “average” mental state. Feeling good and feeling bad is normal, but if you are unfortunate enough to have serious anxiety, depression, or other mental problems, this advice is not enough. If you have serious mental problems that affect your daily life for long periods of time, you should contact a doctor, and the doctor can refer you to a psychologist. This is not something to brush off or be embarrassed about. Psychologists are professionals and know what they are doing. They have scientifically-based methods to which work most of the time. So again: If you have serious mental problems for long periods of time, contact a doctor.

Fortunately, for many of you, the following advice will be enough to keep your mental state healthy.

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