Importance of Workflow

Workflow is a term you have probably heard going around among artists and producers, and it can have various meanings. As a working definition, workflow can be seen as the ease with which your musical ideas are created and finished. If your workflow works well, your music making process is smooth and enjoyable. Your ideas are easily being transformed into music, and you have a nice finished product in the end. If your workflow doesn’t work well, you’re staring at an empty project, you get stuck in the middle of your process, you don’t have inspiration, and finishing the project seems impossible. If you have been making music for a while, you have likely experienced both situations. If you want to make lots of good music over the years and keep having fun at it, a good workflow is essential. There are several things you can do to improve your workflow, which will be discussed below. Some are practical, and some are about your mindset.

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