Goal of EQ

The goal of EQ is twofold.

  • The first goal is to edit the frequencies of each sound in order to make it sound as nice as possible.
  • The second goal is to create a balance between every sound in the mix.

These two goals do not always go hand in hand. As explained earlier, there is only a limited amount of space in a mix, so not every sound can be on the forefront. So after focusing on the first goal to make an individual sound nicer, you might actually come back to that decision later, and choose to make it thinner or more filtered. That sound then leaves more space for other sounds, and this is in line with the second goal. You have to choose which goal is more important for each sound, but keep in mind that in the end, the complete mix of all the sounds is what people are going to hear.

Example: If there are two synths playing at once in your mix, they will both take up space. If you listen to them together and you can’t easily focus on each of them, chances are they are taking up each other’s space. You want to choose the most important synth and give that one more space, while putting the other one more in the background. Other examples include guitar and vocals, kick and bass.