Unconventional Sound Design Tips

Here are some additional tips that you could use to make interesting sounds, in no particular order.

You can put a reverb at 100% wet on your sound. This can give the sound an interesting timbre. Make sure to put the decay on the reverb short, so the sound doesn’t get completely washed out.

You can also record your room and add it to the sound. To do this, place a microphone in your room, and play your sound through the speakers. The microphone will pick up your sound, as well as the room you’re in. This can add an interesting extra layer to the sound.

Many producers also use field recorders. You can go outside with a field recorder and record any kind of sound you find and turn it into music using sampling methods and effects. For example, a glass or bowl can be made into a great percussion sound, and a plastic bag can create great crispy top layer for a snare.

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